Bastille – “Doom Days” [New Album on June 24]

Bastille's new album

Doom Days

On June 14, Virgin Records will release Bastille’s new album, Doom Days. Made by Dan Smith with bandmates Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris ‘Woody’ Wood, and producer Mark Crew, it sees the GRAMMY®-nominated, Brit-winning band stretch out and open up like never before.

The group led by Dan Smith will return with a conceptual work that treats about an apocalyptic night out, and the importance of basic concepts such as hope, escapism or friendship.

“We wanted it to be really direct and talk about trying to find escapism from our modern anxieties – phone addiction, porn addiction, fake news addiction, climate change denial (to name a few)… turns out there was a shit load to talk about so I wrote about 50 verses for it and then we somehow managed to cut it down to this… hope you like it. Ultimately it’s about switching off for the night.”

The album ‘Doom Days‘ will include these eleven songs:

1. “Quarter Past Midnight”
2. “Bad Decisions”
3. “The Waves”
4. “Divide”
5. “Million Pieces”
6. “Doom Days”
7. “Nocturnal Creatures”
8. “4AM”
9. “Another Place”
10. “Those Nights”
11. “Joy”

The song that gives the name to the album has been composed by Dan Smith and produced by Dan Priddy, Mark Crew and Smith himself.

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