Gloria Estefan returns with the song ‘We Needed Time’ and announces new album

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan is back with a new song, called ‘We Needed Time’, which is dedicated to all those who have had to stop their lives during these last weeks due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.

This is the first we’ve heard from the legendary artist in seven years since the release of the album ‘The Standards’. In recent years, Gloria has focused primarily on her production ‘On Your Feet! The musical’, the production about her life and career.

This is what the singer said about her new song:  “With a lot of love for all that have been forever changed. Thank you, munkyman (Nayib Estefan) for providing the spark that gave birth to this song & for your visionary keyboard contribution. Thank you, Javier Concepcion Jr. for your masterful musicianship & amazing drone skills! Thank you Alfredo Rivero & Dionisio De Moya for breathing life into the guitars… Thank you, Juan Arreguin for pouring your heart & soul into recording and mixing this with me. And last but not least, BIG THANKS to @heather_beltran my trusty side-kick photographer, editor, and all-around great friend! To my family, I LOVE YOU and I MISS HUGGING YOU!
And to all of you that love & support and are always there for me, please stay healthy & strong, people! ❤🎶”

The song ‘We Needed Time’ is available for free download from Soundcloud. You can listen to it below:


New album by Gloria Estefan

Along with the release of this new single, the artist has confirmed that her long-awaited new studio album will be released on August 13th.

Under the title of ‘Brazil305‘, Gloria has decided to reinvent some of her best-known songs by adapting them to the sound of Brazilian music. This is what she told Billboard magazine a few months ago: “We’ve taken our best hits and gone to Brazil. We re-recorded them in Brazilian rhythms, some very well known, others not so well known”.

A year ago, the singer performed the new version of ‘Conga‘ (now renamed ‘Samba’) live at the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize 2019 event.

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