Avril Lavigne – “I Fell In Love With The Devil” [New Video]

Avril Lavigne new video

Avril Lavigne new video

Avril Lavigne published the album ‘Head Above Water’ last February, which was released six years after her last album.

This album was produced by Lavigne, Stephan Moccio, Chris Baseford, Johan Carlsson, Lauren Christy from The Matrix, Ryan Cabrera, Travis Clark, Bonnie McKee, JR Rotem and Mitch Allan, among others. This is how the artist describes it: “It’s a personal, beloved, intimate, dramatic, raw, powerful, strong and unexpected album. This album is a true emotional journey”.

After previous singles such as ‘Head Above Water’, ‘Tell Me It’s Over’ or ‘Dumb Blonde’, the new single is ‘I Fell In Love With The Devil‘, a composition by the singer produced by Chris Baseford. This song is accompanied by an outstanding video directed by Elliott Lester and produced by Chromista.

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