Years & Years / MNEK – ‘Valentino’ (Official Video)

Years & Years and MNEK

Years & Years and MNEK

Years & Years and MNEK have teamed up for a special pop track titled ‘Valentino’.

About creating ‘Valentino’ together, Olly explains “Uzo and I were inspired to write a song about the many fuck boys who have done us dirty. I’m lucky to have a friend like Uzo – somebody I talk to when I’m upset about a boy and working together was basically an extension of us hanging out. I’ve known Uzo for a while now and I’m just in awe of his talent. I hope the lyrics connect with people regardless of their sexuality – we all know a Valentino! – but I am so proud of this song for how unashamedly gay it is. Two men singing about a boy is still disappointingly uncommon so it makes me very happy to be putting this song out with MNEK.”

In addition, MNEK says: “Olly has become a really good friend of mine, so I had the best time not only producing this record but also writing and singing it with him. He invited me to perform the song with him on a few stops of the Years & Years’ tour last year which was amazing. He texted me a few days ago saying, “we need to put Valentino out on Valentine’s Day” so of course I said, “let’s go!”

And this is the result.

What do you think?

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