‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ – James Morrison (The album is out!)

You're stronger than you know

You're Stronger Than You Know

Finally, James Morrison‘s new album is out! ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ is an exploration of the soul side of Morrison’s artistry. It’s the album he’s always wanted to make and it has an overriding feeling of positivity.

The album is Morrison’s first since 2015’s ‘Higher Than Here’ and his first for his new label home. Its arrival comes after a time of personal turmoil that saw Morrison leave his label, lose his natural songwriting instinct and go through a tough time with his long-term partner Gill.

Morrison worked with producer Mark Taylor on the album, marking the first time in his career that he’s recorded a whole album with just one producer.

“I always love working with people, especially when they have a wicked voice like Joss,” Morrison says. “She’s from the same musical heritage as me. I’m excited to celebrate soul music with another artist who is recognised for soul, said Morrison.

You’re Stronger Than You Know’ tracklist:

1. My Love Goes On (Feat. Joss Stone)
2. Brighter Kind Of Love
3. So Beautiful
4. Feels Like The First Time
5. Glorious
6. Power
7. Slowly
8. Ruins
9. I Still Need You
10. Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
11. Cross The Line
12. Until The Stars Go Out

The album was previewed with the release of its lead single ‘My Love Goes On’. An impassionate modern soul anthem, the conversational confessional finds Morrison’s once-in-a-generation vocals complemented by Joss Stone.

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