Björk presents her comeback single ‘Atopos’


Björk has announced that next September 30 will go on sale her awaited new studio album, an album titled ‘Fossora‘ that will arrive five years after her previous production (‘Utopia‘).

This is how the Icelandic artist describes this new musical project: “Every album starts with a feeling that I try to transform into sound, this time the feeling was to land on earth and bury my feet on the ground (after my last album, ‘Utopia’, which was an island in the air of the elements of clouds and no bass).

It was also woven into the way I experienced the “now”. This time 7 billion of us did it together nesting in our quarantined homes. Being long enough in one place to put down roots. My new album “fossora” is about that. It’s a word I made up. It’s the feminine of fossore ( digger, delver, ditcher). In short, it means “she who digs” (in the earth). So sonically it’s all about basses, a heavy bottom end. We have 6 bass clarinets and a powerful subwoofer”.

The album’s debut single is the track ‘Atopos‘, which the singer herself describes as “a good intro …. kinda like Fossora´s passport. Sonically a heavy bottom-ended bass world. We have 6 bass clarinets, punchy sub drilling, nesting and digging us into the ground “

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